Deep Cleaning Services Dubai

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What’s the need for Deep Cleaning Service?

With all the dust, heat and humidity in Dubai, chances of your house becoming a perfect destination for bacteria, germs, and bugs are very high which is why it becomes more important for you to deep clean your house and keep your family away from acute yet irritating illness. Deep cleaning if done right, makes your house 100% germ/bacteria free as it uses steam to deep clean which is much more effective in killing bacteria than any other method. Now that you know why  you need to avail a deep cleaning service, here comes the second question.

How to find the right Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai?

With so many companies claiming to provide the best deep cleaning service in Dubai, it becomes a pain to select the best fit, right? Well that’s where Helpling will be your trusted partner, you think about the date you want to use the service and let us worry about finding the right fit for you –  you get the quote for free! At Helpling, we very carefully hand-pick all our cleaners and make sure they are trained professionals as we take pride in 100% customer satisfaction and trust!

What’s included?

  • Kitchen grease removal, inside over cleaning, surface polishing
  • Bathroom disinfection and bad-smell removal
  • Pressure washing for villas patio and paved entrances
  • Balcony thorough cleaning and vacuuming
  • External / Internal windows cleaning – it will shine!
  • and everything else you tell us before the cleaning!

Here is what makes Helpling different:

  • Fast online booking in just a few clicks
  • Same cleaner guaranteed on all bookings
  • Professional and trusted cleaners
  • Secure online payment
  • Excellent customer support team

What Helpling cleaners say

  • Charlie “Working for Helpling in Dubai has been a very nice experience. I am happy working with my team and with my customers! It’s always the best feeling when a customer requests to have you as their weekly cleaner.”
  • Lorna “Helpling customers can review my work and it is wonderful to know that I did a great job cleaning their home. It’s nice to build up the customer’s loyalty and feel appreciated for my cleaning work.”
  • Monalisa “Helping came to Dubai, in my opinion, to professionalise cleaning services in the Emirates. They give security to cleaners and customers with a quality home cleaning service.”