About us

Our mission

At Helpling we make cleaning services easily accessible to all homes in Dubai. All services are priced at the same hourly rate to ensure complete transparency. Our convenient online platform simply pairs a cleaning provider with you when you want your place cleaned. You can book a Helpling Provider in just three easy steps: enter your location – make an appointment – pay online. From here, we coordinate your bookings and – once the job is done – send you an invoice on behalf of the Helpling Provider. This way, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a squeaky-clean home. We perform background checks before partnering to ensure all cleaners are experienced, trustful and legally engaged in the business.

The Helpling Registration Process

Experience We require all cleaners to have experience in cleaning activities ✔ Documentation We require a background check for all cleaners
Communication We approve all cleaners in person, to ensure communication is not a barrier