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Choosing a cleaning company in Dubai

As with choosing any service in Dubai, finding the right cleaning company for your home and cleaning needs involves a lot of time, effort, and a bit of local know-how. You should be looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and ultimately professional company to provide the services you require. But what sets the best Dubai cleaning companies apart? And how do you know you’re choosing the right one?

As any Dubai local will know, there are numerous cleaning companies in the UAE advertising their services, all of which offer a variety of options to choose from. There are agencies of various size and repute, different options for live-in maids, to part-time cleaners, babysitters, handymen and more, not to mention hundreds of online advertisements and newspaper classifieds to sift through if you want to do your research properly.

But even though there any many home cleaning options available, it’s important to make the right choice the first time round. These days many Dubai cleaning companies will insist that you enter into a lock-in contract with them, before they will send a maid to clean your villa or apartment, or bill you for a minimum of 4 hours per week, even if your home is not very large. It’s more crucial than ever not to get stuck with a service that you don’t like, which only wastes your hard earned money.

At Helpling, we’ve done all the hard work for you. We’ve vetted multiple different cleaning services and maid agencies, and so we can offer the best of the best to our customers.

Quality Cleaning Services in Dubai

Finding the best cleaning company in Dubai made simple

At Helpling, we’ve already tried and tested many of Dubai’s best known and trusted cleaning companies. We only partner with cleaning agencies that guarantee to send reliable and professional cleaners to customers’ homes every time. Helpling is different from other Dubai cleaning companies. We’re an online service that matches your cleaning requirements to experienced Dubai cleaners, who are fully licensed to work in the Emirates. In just a few short clicks, you can arrange for a Helpling cleaner to assist with your home cleaning needs, whether it be mopping, scrubbing, sweeping, or ironing.

When you make a booking with Helpling, we match you to one of Dubai’s most experienced cleaners, without all the hassle of having to search through classified ads, negotiate with multiple companies, haggle over prices, or worry about legalities. We know how important it is to receive quality, value for money service, which is why we ensure that all part-time cleaners have passed a strict interview process, to certify that they can both clean and communicate to a very high standard.

So book your cleaning company online now, and reclaim your free time.

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Why choose Helpling Dubai?

Helpling’s partnered cleaning agencies have cleaned hundreds of homes in Dubai. The combination of our easy to use online portal, competitive prices, and trustworthy domestic cleaners, has won the approval of many busy expats based in Dubai, from office workers to stay at home mums.

We’ve taken our tried and tested home cleaning company partnership model, that operates in many different European and Asian cities, and modified it for the Dubai home cleaning market. Unlike traditional cleaning companies in the region, Helpling offers a flexible, cost effective, and reliable alternative to sponsoring a live-in maid or signing a fixed term contract with a cleaning firm. With Helpling, there are no visa or sponsorship costs, or minimum number of bookings. You control how much you spend based on your cleaning needs, and nothing more.

Unlike independent maid services or smaller Dubai cleaning companies, we have a fully staffed and trained Customer Service team at the ready to answer any of your questions or concerns. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we have developed our specialised online booking platform and Helpling phone apps, to make life just that little bit easier. And by providing our customers with the ability to create, change, and cancel their bookings online, we offer an unparalleled degree of flexibility, that many other Dubai cleaning companies fail to match.

So while it’s possible to request the same cleaner to come to your home every time, should your maid become unwell or go on holiday, there will always be a replacement home cleaner available. And if you would prefer to try several different part-time cleaners, before choosing the one you like best, you can easily arrange that on our online booking platform. This allows you to maintain your privacy, if you don’t like the idea of a maid living in your home, and to feel more secure, if you don’t want a different cleaner arriving on your doorstop every week.

All it takes is a few simple clicks on our simple to use platform, and you can book a part-time maid in 60 seconds. We provide you with the best Dubai residential cleaning company to match your needs, giving you the professional cleaning that your home deserves.

What happens after you book with Helpling

What can I expect from a Helpling home cleaning?

Perhaps you’ve never used a cleaning company before, or maybe you’d just like to see which home cleaning services come as standard. Either way, our Helpling home cleaning package covers every room in your house, and our trusted part time maids will take care of the following household chores for you:

  • Cleaning the floors (vacuuming & mopping)
  • Cleaning the bathroom (bathtub, sink, basin, shower tiles & toilet)
  • Dusting all reachable services
  • Wiping the exterior of cupboards & drawers
  • Emptying all bins
  • Cleaning the outside of kitchen appliances

You can provide your own cleaning materials and tools, based on your own personal preference, or add cleaning supplies to the cost of your booking for an extra charge of 10 AED/hr.

So book your cleaning company online now, and reclaim your free time.

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Additional services

In addition to our standard clean, you can add extra services. Chores that often get forgotten, such as cleaning the inside of your fridge or oven, can easily be added to your order in just one click. You can add the following services to your standard clean:

  • Interior window cleaning
  • Oven cleaning
  • Fridge cleaning
  • Ironing services

So in addition to your professionally cleaned home, you can have freshly ironed clothes and a sparkling clean fridge! So if you’re looking for a cleaning company in Dubai, look no further.

Hire a house cleaner through Helpling and reclaim your free time.

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