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Ironing services

Do you find ironing a chore? Do you dread or simply put off tackling that seemingly never ending pile of laundry that needs ironing and pressing? With Helpling UAE, you can have your clothes looking as neat and as fresh as your home with our ironing service. No more standing over a steaming hot iron for hours on end. Our Dubai maids can take this task off your hands, leaving you with free time and crisp shirts.

Our professional maids are highly skilled when it comes to ironing. No matter the material or the garment, they’ll leave it wrinkle free and ready to wear, with the same high degree of care and attention you’d expect from a Helpling home clean. Our part time maids are also ready to iron bedsheets, duvet covers, and anything else that can be ironed, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your free time with your family.

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Oven cleaning

We use our ovens almost every day, so it’s no wonder that they get can dirty quickly. But nobody enjoys scrubbing away at baked-on grease and grime. So why not let us take care of it? Not only does a dirty oven detract from your otherwise spotless kitchen, cooking in a poorly maintained oven can be a potential health hazard. Oven cleaning is a job we all should do more often, so add it on to your cleaning service today and tick it off your to do list.

Adding an oven cleaning service to your standard home clean means you’ll get an oven fit for a feast with none of the effort. Keeping your oven as germ free and grease free as possible can be a time consuming, not to mention grubby task. Our part time cleaners will carefully clean your oven, stovetop, or both, inside and out, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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Interior window cleaning

Let the sunshine in through sparkling clean windows. No more struggling with soap streaks, buffing glass, or dusting windowsills – just rely on our window cleaning services to get your glass gleaming again. Add this extra on to your standard house cleaning and see your windows in a new light.

Whilst Dubai normally enjoys great weather, when you think about the combination of high temperatures, dust, and even the occasional sand storms, it’s not surprising that residential windows will need a clean every now and again. Whether you live in a flat or a villa, or expert housekeepers will leave your window interiors spotlessly clean. Avoid smudges and streaks on interior windows with Helpling’s Dubai window cleaning service.

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Fridge cleaning

Did you know the drawer in your fridge can contain around 8,000 bacteria per square centimetre? This chilled haven for our food is actually one of the dirtier parts of the kitchen. Keep your groceries germ-free by letting us take on the fridge cleaning, on top of your general cleaning services.

Book with Helpling to find a friendly and reliable part time maid, who will leave your fridge, and the rest of your kitchen, sparkling and germ-free. By regularly scheduling an interior fridge clean, alongside a standard home clean, your maid will wipe down shelves and wash out drawers, to help you keep bad odours and stains at bay. Keep your family safe from nasty bacteria lurking in food storage and preparation areas, by booking a fridge cleaning service with Helpling.

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Quality, thorough Dubai cleaning services

There are some chores that we always put off. We keep ignoring them because our free time is just too precious to be spent scrubbing the inside of the fridge or cleaning windows. We agree that your spare time should be spent doing the things you love, not the things you loathe. So at Helpling, we have the answer. You can add any of these extra cleaning services to your standard home cleaning for the same transparent hourly rate. Our part-time maids will take care of these chores on your behalf. No more weekday evenings spent ironing. No more Saturday mornings spent cleaning oven grease or scrubbing windows. You can add any or all of these services to your home cleaning in just a few clicks. Select which services you’d like during the booking process. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy everything Dubai has to offer, safe in the knowledge that even the most forgotten corners of your house will be cleaned to perfection. So try out one of these services today, and finally tick those forgotten chores off your list.

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